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Ezechiel 37

Reason for our Blog

 This blog is all about the Church of Christ. The Church that Christ said He is building. A Church which is half foolish and half wise. A Church which is SLEEPING because of passiveness.

The desire or the need to bring you this message came from a prayer time I had in July 2008. God showed me dry bones during my prayer time. I went looking through my Bible to find out where I had seen that passage before and found it in Ezekiel 37.

As I was reading about the dry bons, I kept seeing them as the Church, but not knowing why. So I asked God, “What are you trying to tell me or to show me”? No answer.

I kept praying and reading…,wanted to know, had to know. I even tried to modify the passage concerning the bones to the Church, but it didn’t work because of the flesh growing on the bones and all. The only part of the passage that involved the Church were(the dry bones). The Church is completely dry, but from what?

Weeks, months and years went by, and it wasn’t before january 2013 that Jesus reveled to me what I was searching for.

In this blog you will find out what God reveled to me, finally!

May you be blessed by Jesus and for Jesus, amen.

James & Lise Mack



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